Little Rock Wastewater exists to serve you, the Little Rock water customer. Our commitment is to provide excellent quality sewer services for both residential and business customers as we keep our water resources safe for wildlife and human reuse. A group of dedicated professionals who work to provide a safe and clean environment for our City, the employees of LRW want to ensure you have all the customer service, education, and legal information you need.

We are the sanitary services provider for residential, commercial, and industrial users in the City of Little Rock. Liquid and solid waste comes to LRW for transport and treatment after water is used in homes and workplaces. The water is cleaned, processed, and released after meeting and exceeding the current water quality standards.


"It is the mission of Little Rock Wastewater to provide low-cost, safe, high quality sanitary sewer service to the residents of Little Rock, and through planning, support the orderly growth of the City with the overall objective of preserving the health and well-being of the residents and the environment."



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